Academic Calendar 2018-19





·        Admission.

·        Monthly meeting and distribution of various curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

·        Submission of Statement of Studies by every faculty

·        21st June – Yoga day

·        26th June – Shahu Maharaj Jayanti

·        Evaluation of the University Results.


·        Welcome speech by Principal to F.Y.B.A./B.Com./B.Sc./BAF students.

·        Inauguration of Cultural Dept.

·        Gymkhana Dept. Meeting.

·        Inauguration of N.S.S.

·        Inauguration of N.C.C.

·        Inauguration of W.D.C.

·        Programme to be arranged by Staff Academy.

·        Inauguration of Guidance Bearau and Competitive Exam Centre


·        Lokmanya Tilak Punyatithi and Anna Bhau Sathe Jayanti.

·        Inauguration of D.L.L.E.

·        15th August – Independence Day – Celebration Inauguration of wallpapers (Publications)

·        20th August – Sadbhavna Day (Din)

·        Participation in Inter collegiate cultural competition organized by Mumbai University.

·        Annual General Meeting & Kankavli Mahavidyalay Karmachari Pat Sanstha.

·        Annual General Meeting & Kankavli College Students Co-operative Store.

·        Inaugurations of various depts. such as History Club, Geography Club, Science Association, Literary Association Environmental Studies etc.  


·        05th Sept. Teacher’s Day Celebration.

·        08th Sept. International Literacy Day Celebration.

·        14th Sept. Celebration of Hindi Day and beginning of Hindi Pakhawada.

·        24th Sept. National Service Scheme Celebration.

·        27th Sept. Celebration of World Tourism Day.

·        A programme to be organized by Staff Academy.


·        02nd Oct. Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti.

·        Meeting & Library Committee.

·        Conduct of I, III & IV Sem. Examinations.

·        Assessment of Various Examinations and preparations of the Results.


·        Assessment

·        Preparation of the various Resuls.

·        Monthly Meeting.


·        1st Dec. – 7th Dec. AIDS Week.

·        AIDS Awareness Programmes.

·        21st Dec. to 27th Dec. N.S.S. Special Campaigning Programme.

·        Participation in Avishkar.

·        Visit to Historical Places.


·        Organization of Annual Sports.

·        Annual Intra-collegiate Competitions.

·        Celebration of Various Days – Makar Sankranti and Prize Distribution Programme.

·        14th January – Celebration of Geography Day.

·        26th January – Publication of wallpapers./Republic Day Celebration.


·        Completion of N.S.S. Diaries

·        Field works and Project works.

·        Submission of Project works and Field Reports.

·        19th February Shivjayanti Celebration.

·        28th February Celebration of Science Day.


·        8th March – World Women’s Day.

·        Publication of Kanak Magazine.

·        Submission of N.S.S. Papers and DLLE Reports to the University.


·        Conduct of IInd Term Examinations.

·         14th April Dr.Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration.

·        Preparing the list of required Books, Periodicals and Journals required for the next Academic Year.

·        Preparation of the Prospectus for the next Academic Year. Assessment and Preparation of the Results.


·        May 1st Celebration of Maharashtra Day and World Workers Day.