Situated in the middle of the city Kankavli, this institute is well connected to the rest of the nation by rail and road. College Campus occupies 35 acres of land in the City. The institute boasts of more than one lakh square feet of built up area comprising of administrative block, separate blocks for various departments complete with laboratories, workshops, computer centers, lecture halls, drawing halls, seminar halls, auditorium, library and canteen. The green campus also sports fields for outdoor activities such as volley ball, cricket, etc.

The institute proudly boasts of staff of trained academicians, well versed with the art of imparting knowledge. The institute constantly encourages the faculty to publish research papers in the journals and participate in various conferences. It is this effort which has encouraged some members of faculty to pursue Ph.D.. The faculty members are constantly encouraged to present research papers and attend seminars and workshops for the continual enhancement of their knowledge and teaching skills.

1 Precident Shri. B. G. Khot
2 Chairman Shri. P. D. Kamat
2 Secretary Shri. V.J. Valanju
3 Trusty Dr. Mrs. R. S. Salunkhe
4 Trusty A. L. Degavekar
5 Member Dr. S. V. Tayshete
6 Member Shri. S. R. Sapale
7 Member Shri. H. S. Govekar
8 Member Shri. S. L. Uchale
9 Member Shri. S. S. Harne
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