Creating the avenue of educational opportunities to the youth, can only make them self- reliant, confident and ready to explore their own identity in the global scenario.


Imparting value based, need based and environment friendly education to the youth by paying special attention to encourage them to employ acquired knowledge, skills and natural resources of Konkan.


  • To encourage the students of Kankavli and neighbouring tahsils who have completed their secondary and higher secondary
    education, to take up formal mainstream higher education.
  • To introduce and facilitate the higher education courses which may make the students economically self- dependent.
  • To implement the University prescribed syllabi effectively so as to ensure and increase employability, self- employability and enhance quality of life of the students as cultured human beings.
  • To create research climate and encourage the students and staff to undertake socially useful research work.
  • To reinforce cultural identity of the region by means of formal education, informal motivational programmes and meaningful cultural activities.
  • To create awareness about conservation of natural environment and train the youth to make the best possible use of natural resources of the region without causing harm to the natural sustainability.
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